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Le Petit Prince, chap. 21

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Parity and age related to toxoplasmosis among pregnant women in Rabat, Morocco

Laboudi, M., El Mansouri, B., & Rhajaoui, M. (2014). The role of the parity and the age in acquisition of Toxoplasmosis among pregnant women in Rabat-Morocco. International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, 6 (3): 488-492

Objectives: This retrospective study was undertaken between 2008 and 2009 to assess the seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis among pregnant women and the role of the parity, the age and the abortion presence or absence in acquisition of infection pregnant women at the National Institute of health in Rabat in Morocco. 

Methods: Specific T. gondii IgG and IgM were measured by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). Datation of the infection was carried out by avidity test. All existing data for every pregnant woman were collected from medical report. 

Results: Among 1169 pregnant women of different age diagnosed, 47% were found to be IgG seropositive including 1,5 % of IgM seropositive. The use of IgG avidity test allowed to exclude recent infection among 72,2 % of IgM positive sera. The result of bivariate analysis revealed that the age and parity influenced significantly the seroprevalence rate, whilst the existence of previous spontaneous abortion did not have any significant statistical correlation with the positivity of toxoplasmosis. 

Conclusion: This study showed that 53 % pregnant women were susceptible to T. gondii and considered to be at high risk for toxoplasmosis during pregnancy. However, the follow-up of pregnancy and Counselling of pregnant women remains essential of the prevention of congenital toxoplasmosis. 

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