Les hommes ont oublié cette vérité. Mais tu ne dois pas l'oublier, dit le renard. Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé.
Le Petit Prince, chap. 21

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Artificial nest predation in forest tracts and its relationshib with the decline of birds

Wilcove, D.S. 1985. Nest predation in forest tracts and the decline of migratory songbirds. Ecology 66: 1211- 1214

Nest predation has been suggested as an important cause of the decline of breeding populations of migratory songbirds in small woodlots in eastern North America. I tested this hypothesis by placing artificial nests with fresh quail eggs in forest of different sizes in Maryland and Tennessee. Predation rates were higher in small woodlots than in large tracts. Predation was especially intense in woodlots near suburban neighborhoods compared to woodlots in isolated rural areas. Experimental open—cups nests were move vulnerable to predators when placed on the ground vs. 1—2m above ground. In either position these open—cup nests were move vulnerable to predators than experimental cavity nests. Since most species of migratory songbirds construct open—cup nests, and several species place them near the ground, migratory songbirds should by strongly affected by higher predation rates in small forest tracts

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